I’m doing the A-Z Challenge throughout April, and this year I’m trying out a theme.  Follow Angie as she negotiates friendships, love and being 14 in High School……..

3 April

Dear Diary,

I just had the worst day ever.

I was really looking forward to school today because I was desperate to talk to Dee about Adam.  Turns out Dee was desperate to talk to me too.

She said she was sorry she didn’t call me back on Sunday but she was out all day with a boy!

A boy?  Wow.  I wasn’t expecting that.  I was pretty excited for Dee though.

Dee said:  “You will never guess who.” So I said:  “Who? Who?”

Dee said that she was coming out of her ballet class and this guy was there waiting for her!  I’m like, that’s pretty cool, like something out of a movie or something.  Dee said she asked him how he knew she was there, and he said that a little birdie had told him. I was thinking, really, a little birdie?  Who says that?  Who was the birdie?  Then Dee said they went to Maccas for lunch and then, this bit was pretty cool, she said, he had been playing music on his headphones and it was The Trees!

Then it’s like everything stopped Diary, and there’s a big fat NO in my head, but Dee keeps talking and she says:  “Then Adam said his favourite song was coming up, and Angie guess what it is.  Guess what it is?”

So I said:  “When the Leaves Fall”.

Dee was all like, “How did you know?”

I said, it was just a lucky guess, I guess.

I didn’t hear the rest of what Dee was saying.  I was pretending to be interested and be happy for her but really I was trying not to cry the whole time.  I was the one who liked Adam.  She had only ever said, yeah, he was alright.  I was the one who knew what colour his eyes were, and what home room he was in, and what sport he did.  And now she was interested in him.

I don’t understand how she can do this to me.  I thought she was my best friend.  I’m just devastated.


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