Handwriting – will it become obsolete?

I read an article that was banging on about handwriting becoming obsolete.  What a load of crap and here’s why:

I love writing. I write all my short stories by hand, and all my drafts for my blogs as well. There is still something lovely about the flow of the words coming out of my head, down into my hand and onto the paper. I get immersed in the story, I am physically writing it and watching it unfold. I can see the work I’ve already done out of the corner of my eye, the scratchings on the page, the blue and black ink mixed in together. The side-notes I’ve made when a new idea comes in or an alternative if this current paragraph doesn’t work. I can’t make those notes easily when I type it out – I’d have to make a conscious effort to create a box for comments or change the colour of the text so I could easily find the notes again. If I make a mistake or change my mind i quickly scratch it out and write over it, it doesn’t break my concentration in the way that stopping and back-back-backspacing over a wrong word does.

I can pick up any piece of paper and write down what my child has just said quicker than finding the app on my phone and typing it up. It also means my kids don’t think I’m paying more attention to the phone instead of them. I can sit down with my kids during craft and while they draw I can join in and use paper to write a letter to them telling them what funny/bad/wonderful things they did that day and I can put that letter away for when they grow up. They think I’m doing craft then too.

I have notebooks full of stories for my kids, things they have said, worn, and done along with the fiction I have written.

One day my children will find all these books and letters and notes and read them. They can sit down on the floor with these things all around them and read them straight away. They won’t have to plug anything in, look for a password or a software hacking program for my blogs, they won’t have to find technology compatible to play the discs I save the work on, they can just read my stuff straight away.

That’s why I love writing and that’s why I’ll keep doing it.

What do you think?  Do you love handwriting or receiving handwritten letters?