I’m doing the A-Z Challenge throughout April, and this year, I’m trying out a theme.  Follow angie as she negotiates friendships, love and being 14 in High School…..

6 April

Dear Diary,

 After feeling shit all week, I figured that I needed to talk to Dee.  I didn’t see her in the morning or during break and I started to wonder if she was avoiding me.  French was the next lesson and we always sit together but when I got into class, she was already sitting next to someone else!  I didn’t know what to do.  I mean, we always, always sit together.  So then the teacher comes in and tells me to “Stop standing there with your mouth open and find a seat”.

I was pretty embarrassed so sat down in the nearest seat next to Zain.  I’ve known Z all my life, but Dee doesn’t like him so I don’t really talk to him that much anymore.  Anyway we had to translate boring phrases and I wasn’t really interested at all.  I looked at the sheet that the teacher gave us and just looked at Zion and he started translating for both of us. I was playing with my pencil and looking at Dee when Zain said “Down in the dumps”. I looked up and he was starting at me.   “What’s the translation?”

And he said:  “Having a cockroach.”

Ha ha, yeah right.  I said.  Zion said it’s true.  A literal translation or something.

So I said in a posh voice, “Oh my goodness, I’m having a cockroach!”

Then Z said that “oh my goodness” literally translates to “Oh the cow”.  So then we were saying “Oh the cow, I’m having a cockroach” and laughing our heads off. Then we’d take turns at saying other words and i don’t know if Z was making it up or not but it was just so funny.  Then he said, “I need to fart” in French.  I’m like, what?  So he translated it for me and while I was laughing at that, he said in English:  “Can you smell it?”  I’m like, what?  Then, I could smell it and it was the most disgusting smell ever.  But instead of puking, I just shouted:  “Oh the cow” and we cracked up again.

The teacher told us to shut up, but it was the end of class so it didn’t matter.


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