I’m doing the A-Z Challenge throughout April, and this year I’m trying out a theme.  Follow Angie as she negotiates friendships, love and being 14 in High School……..

6 April

Dear Diary,

The last couple of days have been pretty shit.  I really thought Adam liked me.  I cannot stop thinking about it.  He must have been laughing at me the whole time. Thank God I didn’t say anything stupid to him or even tell Dee.  I can’t even look at him properly and it’s not like I can avoid him because he has been sitting with us at lunch and today Dee was all over him like a rash.   I think she’s doing it on purpose because I haven’t really spoken to her.  Adam kept looking at me and laughing, so I’m sure he knows I like him.  God.  It keeps coming back to me at the dumbest times.  I was in maths and suddenly I got a flash of me smiling up at Adam at my locker.  I got hot all over, my face went red and I got that feeling in my chest, you know the one that spreads out and then drops hard  in your stomach when you’re really embarrassed by something?  It was so horrible that I actually groaned out loud.  My friend Sam asked if I felt okay, and when I nodded I got tears in my eyes so I was embarrassed all over again.


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