I’m doing the A-Z Challenge throughout April, and this year I’m trying out a theme.  Follow Angie as she negotiates friendships, love and being 14 in High School……..

2 April

Dear Diary,

I think I’m in trouble.  I have a super huge crush on Adam and it’s driving me crazy.  I haven’t even spoken to Dee about it!  Turns out, she really was sick on Thursday afternoon and didn’t come to class and then she was sick on Friday too.  I wanted to tell her about Adam but I couldn’t so that was killing me.  Then I was kind of hoping to see Adam on Friday, but he didn’t come up to my locker, even though I went up there after each class, so I was a bit bummed out by that as well.

On Saturday I took Natasha to soccer and I was excited thinking that Adam was going to turn up!  I wore my new skirt, and even had a shower and washed my hair that morning.  I looked really pretty, well, I looked alright.  Mum raised her eyebrows when she saw me, and Dad said, “What’s the occasion?”, but I ignored them.  Anyway, I sat on the stands at soccer, where it was a bit cold to tell you the truth, and waited for Adam, but he didn’t show up.  I tried to be cool about it, but at half time, when Tash asked why I wasn’t watching her, I knew I wasn’t doing a very good job.

I sat there for the next half wondering what had happened.  I was, like having this argument in my head:

Did he really like me?

Well, he wouldn’t have come up to my locker two days in a row if he wasn’t interested.  

But why didn’t he come and see me at soccer?

Maybe, he got caught up.  Maybe he had to take care of his paraplegic mother or something.  Maybe he had to get a haircut.  

No!  Not a hair cut!  Was I embarrassing at school?

Well I did do most of the talking on Friday, but he asked about the band and everything, so he was paying attention.  He did offer to take Dee’s book for me. 

That’s true.  He was pretty nice about that.  But then, why isn’t he here?

I tell you Diary, I was actually glad to stop at the supermarket for Mum on the way home to take my mind off things!  I was grumpy on Saturday night and went to bed early.  Then I tried to call Dee this morning to talk to her about it, but she wasn’t home, which was a bit strange, because she’s usually always home on a Sunday.  I ended up having a fight with Tash and Mum sent me to my room and told me stay there so I didn’t ruin the entire weekend for everyone.  I hope Dee’s at school tomorrow.  I have to talk about it!


2 Comments on “Crush”

  1. Damyanti says:

    Hey Gab! Great to see you on the challenge 🙂 — and you seem to be doing a good job on the diary! It might be a good idea to mention your theme with each post?

    Co-host, A to Z Challenge 2014

    Twitter: @damyantig

    • ExpatGab says:

      Hey Damyanti, just realised I haven’t replied to you. I was away a few days so catching up has kept me busy. Thanks for the tip to mention my theme. It totally makes sense. It’s school holidays in my house so getting time to go through the blogs is proving difficult. Am starting to get there though! Thanks for stopping by.

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