I’m doing the A-Z Challenge throughout April, and this year I’m trying out a theme.  Follow Angie as she negotiates friendships, love and being 14 in High School……

10 April

Dear Diary,

Today I worked at my Mum’s friend’s shop.  It’s a clothes shop that sells pretty daggy clothes to women who wear gut-buster undies under their tracksuit pants. Sometimes Gwen calls me in if she can’t work and so I go up and hang out with Louise who has a part-time job up there.  Louise says it’s pretty boring, but easy money so she sticks with it.

Anyway, it was super boring there today because hardly any old ladies go clothes shopping on a public holiday, so me and Louise just stood there looking out at all the shops we could have been shopping in instead. I started mucking around and pulling out all the ugliest clothes I could find. Then I put a big floral mumu over my clothes and started walking around the shop pretending to be a customer. Louise told me to take it off in case someone came in, but I said there was no way that was going to happen.

I went into the change rooms and put on a pair of lovely beige court shoes that Gwen keeps in the change rooms.  Then I walked out and picked up a matching handbag and walked up behind Louise and in an old lady voice asked her if she had any corsets.  We fell about laughing so hard that I thought I was going to wet my pants!

I walked around the shop yelling out that I was going to find another hideous dress to try on, when I came face to face with a customer wearing the exact same dress!  I reckon I might have got away with it if Gwen hadn’t come into the shop right then.  After she gave the lady a gift voucher, she told me that after I put everything back I could finish for the day.

Mum said she wasn’t impressed, but I heard her and Dad laughing about it in the kitchen after dinner.  I said sorry to Gwen, but I don’t think she’ll call me again.


2 Comments on “Gwen’s”

  1. Finley Jayne says:

    Love it, made me laugh out loud 🙂

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