I’m doing the A-Z Challenge throughout April, and this year I’m trying out a theme.  Follow Angie as she negotiates friendships, love and being 14 in High School……..

30 March

Dear Diary,

Adam spoke to me again! Twice in two days. God, he is such a babe. He has lovely eyes, and hair. His hair! It’s kind of shaggy and in his eyes a bit, but it’s clean, not slicked down or anything, like fluffy clean and that’s a good thing. Not like Angela Dickens’ boyfriend who had really greasy hair but liked her to play with it – yuk, and she said it was so dirty that her hands would be slick afterwards and she’d have to go wash them. Can you imagine that?  But Adam!  His hair is gorgeous.  And he has lovely blue eyes, and when he shakes his hair away from his face, you can totally see them so clearly. Great smile too, well it will be, when his braces come off.  I mean, you can totally see that when it’s just his teeth there, it’s going to be killer.

He came up to me at my locker again.  Well, it was actually my best friend Dee’s locker.  I was getting her books coz she had to go to the nurse and get a panadol for a headache, but really she was just trying to get sent home after lunch.  We both knew that she would be sent into class anyway so she was just hoping to be late and so I said I’d get her book.    Anyway I was grabbing her book, when I heard a voice say “Hi”.  I closed the door and saw Adam there.  He looked a surprised, which I thought was a bit funny, but then he said he thought my locker was the next one.

I explained what I was doing but halfway through Adam noticed the The Trees sticker on Dee’s book.  He asked if she liked that band.  I told him it was our favourite and we were going to see them in June.  Then he asked what our favourite song was, and I told him that Dee and I both really liked When Leaves Fall, although Spring is here was pretty cool too.  Then he started laughing, and I asked what was so funny, and he said that it was like me and Dee were joined at the hip or something.  I said we weren’t.  Then he said, sure.  and I said, sure.  Then he said, Well what’s Dee doing on the weekend then, that you’re not?”

So I told him that Dee has ballet at the Arts Centre and I’d be across town taking my sister to her soccer game at Millmont Park.  He asked me what time that was (oh My God, I’ve just realised he asked me the time I’ll be at soccer!), so I said around lunchtime.  You know, being a bit cool and everything.

Then the bell rang and I said, I had to go to class, and he started to walk with me!  He offered to take Dee’s book to the nurse for her,  but I said she would probably be in class already, so he said he had to go.

I walked to class in a dream!  He might come to soccer, and he wanted to do me a favour by dropping off Dee’s book.  I tell you he is a babe.


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