Something Wicked

There’s something bad happening to me. I bought hand cream the other day. Not the supermarket, my-hands-are-dry-this-will-do brand. No. This was the duty free, my hands are looking old, very expensive brand cream. So I bought the same cream my mother used to use because she always complained about her hands looking old. Shit!

I’ve watched The Glee Project for two nights in a row and I like it. I look at the kids on that show and instead of seeing a jumped up two face bitch, I’m thinking “oh, they’re young, they’ll grow out of it. Aren’t they talented?”

Now, I’m watching the movie Old Dogs with Robin Williams and John Travolta and I actually think it’s funny. Well some of it – I’ve watched some more now, but still….WHAT’S HAPPENING TO ME?


One Comment on “Something Wicked”

  1. Bahaha! This post is bang on the money! I knew I was getting old when I watched Hayden on Masterchef one night and thought, “Isn’t he lovely? Such talent in someone so young. I hope he goes far. And why is he wearing that silly hat all the time? It covers all that beautiful hair!” instead of “Phwoaaar, fit surfy dude you can wax my board any time. Honk honk.”
    Age, it creeps up on you, doesn’t it?

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