Cholesterol.  It kills you.

It kills your arteries.
It kills your heart.
It kills you dead unless you fight it.

Fight it with your clogged arteries struggling to pump blood into your struggling heart.
Fight it with exercise which kills you in its boredom.
Fight it by reducing your alcohol intake which kills your sense of humour, adventure and fun.

Fight it by reducing your fat intake. No full fat dairy foods.  No cheese platter with your wine.  Oh sorry.  There is no more wine.

No more creamy sauces.  Wholemeal pasta from now on.  And legumes and beans. And brown rice. Don’t forget the brown rice.

I might as well stop washing my hair and tie dye my clothes now if I have to eat that shit.

No more snags on the barbie! No more barbeques. What’s a barbeque without beer anyway?

No more mounds of mashed potatoes, baked potatoes, boiled potatoes.

No more cakes or biscuits. No more sugar in your tea. No more chocolate. No.

No more love in the kitchen.
My soul has died.
I can’t go on.

Cholesterol. It kills you.


One Comment on “Cholesterol”

  1. Josie says:

    I can relate to the sentiment of this post. Why is it that the stuff we enjoy is never good for us? SIGH Still, I know that I would feel much better, live longer, and have more energy for living if I’d follow the rules. Maybe we can settle for a happy medium, with the ocassional indulgence of a favorite meal, huh?

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