Happy Father’s Day

Dear Daddy,

I love your smile, I love your kisses
Even with your scratchy whiskers
I love it when we laugh and play
I love you every single day

Do you like it?  Mummy helped me with the words, but I told her what to say.  She gave me the money to buy your present too and said I could pick whatever I wanted.  I know you like ice cream and chocolate so that’s what I got.

We forgot to get you a card, but Mummy said that you wouldn’t mind.  Well, she said that because you were in America for work on Mother’s Day you wouldn’t have a leg to stand on if you got upset.  But I don’t get that because I know that you’ve got two legs and you stand on them all the time when you get up off the couch.

I like it you knock on the front door when you come home from work.  Mum used to tell me when you were coming home and I’d get pretty excited just waiting for you, but I’m bigger now.  She just stands at the door and pretends not to know who it is, but I always know that it’s you because no-one else knocks on our door at night time.

I really love your hugs and horsey rides and cuddling up with you on the lounge.  How come you don’t hug me in the middle of the night when I wake up?  Are you scared of the dark too?  Mum always comes in then but she doesn’t play with me and I get too bored with her so I go back to bed.  That’s okay though because I know you will wake me up in the morning when you get ready to go to work.

Mummy doesn’t like that, does she?  I hear her say “shhhh” to you all the time when you drop stuff.  I just wait for you to make some noise and then I yell out to you and you come into my room and get me out of my cot and give me big kisses before you go to work.  You know, sometimes it’s hard work getting Mummy out of bed when you go early.  Maybe you should give her lots of kisses before you go to work too.  I’m sure she’d like that.

It’s great when we make a fort in my igloo tent in the lounge room.  Remember when we built a fort on the couch with the cushions while mum was trying to wash up and pick up stuff and tidy the house and then we jumped into the igloo and she came over and picked up all the blankets really quickly like she was mad and we didn’t know what she was going to do and all of a sudden she put the blankets over the igloo and made it all dark for us?  She really surprised us that day, didn’t she?  We stayed in there for ages.

I miss you when you go away for work, but Mummy talks about you all the time and she tells me how many sleeps there are until you come home.  She gave me a photo of you too and I take it to bed with me.  Can you hear me talking to you in the dark?  I just tell you what I did during the day and then I hug my teddies until I fall asleep thinking of you.  I really like it when you come home again because there are lots of cuddles and you talk to me heaps and we play with nearly all my toys at once.  Then we both get really tired and fall asleep on the lounge and when we wake up we have the house all to ourselves because Mummy has gone out.    She’s funny when she does that.

It’s great at the park when you come on all the slides with me and help me climb up the ladders and stuff.  Some other Dads just read the paper but you chase me all over the park.  We’re like big kids together, aren’t we Daddy?

I’m helping Mum cook dinner tonight and we’re going to make your favourite dinner.  Then we can have ice cream and chocolate for dessert if you want.

The biggest kisses and hugs for you



One Comment on “Happy Father’s Day”

  1. Josie says:

    What a wonderful tribute letter to Dad (with a little help from Mom)! This left me smiling, it was so wrapped in love! 🙂

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