The Power of Dance

Now that I don’t have a task to do every day, I’m a bit nervous about blogging again. However, enough time has passed since the A-Z challenge and I can’t be a chicken anymore. So, I’m just going to bite the bullet and write something…..

I went to a dance class today and it was GREAT! I haven’t been dancing for a long long time but the moment the class started I was super excited. So much so that I started laughing out loud and kept laughing until I felt like I was going to throw up. It’s hard to laugh and dance at the same time when you are super unfit. I must have looked like I’d just escaped from the loony bin.

I used to dance years ago. I did Irish dancing for 20 years and although I was never that great at it, I loved it. My friends and I would go to as many lessons as we could fit into the week and during competition season it wasn’t unusual to be dancing 15 hours a week. It made us happy and it was an achievement to learn the steps, put it altogether and then compete with each other to see who did it best.

In my early twenties I went to Ireland for almost a year, learnt how to drink beer and eat potatoes and I kind of stopped dancing and any kind of exercise altogether. After that, even though I became a teacher, I didn’t do half as much dancing as I used to and it wasn’t long before I became unfit and unmotivated.

Fast forward a decade and a half, two kids and a different country later, today I finally got over myself, stopped being afraid, and went to a dance class. Oh, it was so much fun. I remembered that dancing is the most fun thing in the world for me. You know that one thing that makes you laugh out loud, or jump up and down (but not in a Tom Cruise kind of way), or just fills you up with a sense of such deep satisfaction that you feel so very very happy? Well that’s me today!

What about you? What’s the thing in your life that gives you the purest sense of fun?


One Comment on “The Power of Dance”

  1. Josie says:

    I loved this because you found the courage to go back and try something you used to love and found out that it was just as much fun now! Dancing is definitely not my thing, I do well to walk upright on two feet! :-)) I am trying to find the courage to go back and see what I can remember of once being able to play the piano a long, long time ago. Will it be like a bicycle, albeit a bit rusty, or will I have to start over from key one? I know it will make me happy to play again. I’ll let you know when and how it goes! This was a great post… thought provoking! 🙂

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