Gab’s A-Z Two Cents

I loved this challenge.  I seriously had great fun doing it and am looking forward to next year already.  Not having done a blog before, and literally using this challenge to kick start it (I’d only done one post previously), my page is very vanilla, with no fancy trimmings, links (I don’t even know how to do them), colour, etc.

Maybe because of this I don’t have any followers, or maybe it’s because my writing really is shit and I should take the hint.  I did not prepare any of my posts (except for the letter P), but rather typed them on the fly.  I usually blog after 8pm at night, so time is limited in that respect.   I’m happy that I got up the courage to post my stories even if the response (at this stage – I’m forever hopeful), hasn’t been huge.

However, I’ve had a decent number of views over the course of this challenge and of the comments I have received on my blog have all been genuine and very encouraging and I thank those people for leaving them.

A couple of times I struggled with content and towards the end, my enthusiasm did wane, but having come so close, I knew I just had to finish. One regret is that I didn’t get to read enough blogs during the challenge, much less comment on them.  I hope to  rectify that in the coming weeks.

Thanks again for the challenge and for the encouragement both from new people I’ve met online and my existing friends.  I’m grateful to you.


16 Comments on “Gab’s A-Z Two Cents”

  1. Danielle says:

    Well done Gab!

    • ExpatGab says:

      Thanks Dan. It was a lot of fun and I’m really glad I stuck with it. I think I’ll have a couple of days off and then post a couple of times a week and see how that goes.

    • ExpatGab says:

      Sarah, I’m so glad you wrote on my blog – I’d not come across your blog during the challenge, but I’m glad to do so now. I’ll be back for more. Good on you too for finishing and you’re still blogging! I’m having a couple of days off before I get into it again. I’d like to get back to my other writing, in particular a short story I’m desperate to finish. How do you write more than one thing at a time? I know I’ve only just started writing, but I find it difficult to switch mindsets. Do you find that?

  2. Hey, so glad to see that you were able to pick up your award!

    Congrats, we did it!!!

    • ExpatGab says:

      Oh Elizabeth, I finally sat down last night and decided to do a bit of research on links and images and cutting and pasting (how simple really). It’s about time I learnt how to do this blogging thing, don’t you think? Thank you so much for making up the award. I’m really chuffed to have it on my page actually. I feel such a sense of achievement. Congratulations to you too.

      PS, once I figure out how to link back to your blog I’ll do so 😉

  3. Hi,

    Congratulations on finishing up the challenge. Great job!

    Where is your followers widget, I can’t find it?

    Have a wonderful day,

    Kathy M.

    • ExpatGab says:

      Oh Kathy, are you following me? That is most exciting! Apparently WordPress don’t “do” followers widgets (I don’t know why, I don’t know much about this blogging gig at all really). However, there is a subscribe button if you want to use that? I like the look of your blog Kathy and your photos are outstanding. I’m very inspired by all the bloggers from the challenge and I hope to talk to you more.

  4. Karen Walker says:

    I am truly amazed that someone who just started a blog would attempt to do this challenge, let alone complete it. It was extremely daunting and overwhelming and I’ve been blogging for about two years now. So give yourself a pat on the back and have patience with the learning curve of how to do everything. I’m still trying to figure some things out.

    • ExpatGab says:

      Thanks Karen, you’re very kind. Now that the challenge is over, I’ve actually had a chance to make a couple of changes to the blog and add bits and pieces in. Amazing how one post a day every day took up so much time!

  5. Graywolfie says:

    Hello, congrats on finishing the challenge..!
    I didn’t manage to read all your 26 post…but will be reading thru them in May…
    Regarding the follower part…you might want to try out Google Friend Connect thing…I just learnt how to do it…& I’m also using WordPress…
    Actually I like the layout of your blog…clean…plain & simple…

    • ExpatGab says:

      Thanks Graywolfe. I took a look at your blog today too – I haven’t left a comment yet, but I’ll be back. I’ve been playing around a bit with the look of my blog, but so far, I haven’t liked anything I’ve done and changed it back again. I tried to do the Friend Connect thing but it didn’t work. Oh well, tomorrow’s another day and I’ll try again then. Thanks so much for the tip.

  6. Arlee Bird says:

    I like your simple vanilla look–it’s easy to read and non-distracting. Give it time and you will gain readership as long as you keep reaching out to let others know you’re here. This was a great way to kick off your blog. Congratulations on finishing the A to Z Challenge.

    Tossing It Out

    • ExpatGab says:

      Hi Lee, thanks for your words of encouragement. I had great fun doing the challenge, and now my new challenge is keeping it up as you say. I love your blog and was amazed at some of your posts, particularly your family history. Really interesting stuff. I look forward to next year’s challenge.

  7. Damyanti says:

    Congrats, Gab, and sorry I haven’t been by oftener to read.

    I’m still settling in and have house guests these days… it is all I can do to post, really, stealing 10 minutes here and 20 there. And I have 3 months of this to look forward to.

    You write well…and it is amazing that you took up this challenge and finished it…I have two blogs for the last three years, but it took me quite a bit of courage to take the plunge and then haul myself to the finish line.

    Blogs begin slow, but yours has taken off very well, thanks to your guts in picking up the challenge..keep up the great work 🙂

    • ExpatGab says:

      Hi Damyanti, it must be killing you to have your writing time cut short, but having said that you’re still managing to post more than me!

      Thanks for your kind comments. I look to you for inspiration – if you can post then so can I, although your content is more thought provoking I must say.

      I hope your e-book goes well.

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