W. Lesser of the two Weevils

Consumers of dry goods unite!  It’s time we rid the world of weevils.  Those pesky little bugs are taking over our cupboards and ruining our 15 minute quick fix pasta meals.

How many times have we checked the pasta on the stove only to find little black bodies littering the boiling water?  One weevil you can get away with, two you might be tempted to ignore, but feeding your children anymore than that and you’re up on charge of child abuse.

All of a sudden your dinner window of opportunity has been slammed shut scraping your knuckles in the process. With a kitchen sink full of steaming pasta, cupboard doors are opened and closed repeatedly while you frantically look for that other bag of pasta you just know you have all the while muttering it’s alright, calm down, dinner is almost ready to a screaming one year old and a fractious 5 year old yelling “but I’m hungreeeeee”.

And so I say to you Mr Chairman, sack your supplier or clean up your stock because we have spoken and we will not take it anymore!


What do we want?  Weevil rights!

When do we want them?  NOW!

That’s right weevil lovers.  These little insects deserve to live!  They deserve to be left alone to thrive and survive in the flour, pasta, rice and spices in our cupboards.  Live and let live.  They do us no harm.  Sure they’re a bit small and you never quite know if they’re there or not but that’s the beauty of them.  You never know they are there!

They don’t bark or bite, meow at all times in the night.  They don’t shit on the floor or run up the wall, get in your clothes or fly up your nose.  They don’t hide in your shoes or leave behind a trail of goo.  They just sit quietly in your cupboard and explore their surroundings.

Oh, I know it can be a bit of a pain to find your spice jars have been turned into a weevils nest but really, how often do you use those spices anyway?  Aren’t they all out of date?  We should be grateful for the excuse to clean out the cupboard and throw away all the old stuff we ignore day after day, week after week.  How many of you have gone to grab a jar of coriander only to discover you have two, maybe three jars on the shelf already out of date?  Too many times!

And so I say to you, be grateful for the little things people.  Love a Weevil.


2 Comments on “W. Lesser of the two Weevils”

  1. You’ve certainly shown the weevils some love in your post here. Thanks for sharing, and it’s a pleasure to meet you via the A-Z Challenge!

    • ExpatGab says:

      Oh thanks for leaving a comment Jeffrey. I appreciate it. It’s a pleasure meeting you too, I love your idea for this challenge. I look forward to reading more from you.

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