T. Toasted Sandwich Maker

The toastie, jaffle, Breville, toasted sandwich, whatever you want to call it, the sandwich maker was revolutionary.  It was one of those kitchen gadgets that you had to have and then wondered how you  ever lived without it.  Suddenly three day old bread became popular again, although breadcrumb stocks in the home did drop.

I hadn’t had one for years (ever since I moved to KL) and decided that one day I just had to have one.  Off I went through the streets of Bukit Bintang in search of a cheap electricals shop that would sell me one.  Upon acquiring said item and then hitting the supermarket for some ham, cheese and tomatoes, I sent out a couple of text messages on my way home and lo and behold I had friends inviting themselves over for lunch.  Such is the power of a Toasted Sandwich.

Not just any toasted sandwich though, no.  A normal toaster toasted sandwich doesn’t have the same magic about it.  None of this bread getting cold while you pile everything on it and then have it all slip back out the sides business.  That is a poor man’s toasted sandwich.

The Toasted Sandwich has to come out piping hot and sealed on all sides and cut into two perfect triangles (I’m old school.  I don’t think the sandwich press rates a mention).

You haven’t experienced a real Toasted Sandwich unless you open the lid and have hot steam gush into your face.  The sight of melted cheese oozing over the hot plate, the smell of hot ham and seeing that perfectly browned bread, firm beneath your fingers.   You rip that sandwich right off the hot plate ninja fast so that you don’t burn your fingers.   You bring the sandwich into the living room with you, turn on the TV, take that first big bite and burn the fuck out of your mouth.

My Dad was a butcher back in the day and because my parents didn’t have a lot of ready cash in those days, he regularly brought home corned beef for my mum to cook up and serve it up for lunches.  For the next 3 weeks.  For us, the sandwich maker was a God send to dress up that never-ending luncheon meat.  Trouble was that no matter how long my poor mother boiled that thing in the pot it always turned out stringy and tough.  Desperate and hungry we would make a corned beef toasted sandwich and wait for it to cool down.  As usual, I was impatient, take one big bite but damned if I could bite through the corned beef.  There I would be, mouth burning from trying to eat the sandwich too soon which a great chunk of meat stuck fast in my jaws.   Panic would set in and I would rip that corned beef straight out of the bread.  The piece would then slap hard onto my chin bringing melted cheese and tomato with it.  Double burns – tongue and chin.  Oh, how everyone laughed.  At me.

Needless to say, I got smarter and cut that damned meat up into tiny pieces for future sandwiches until I left home and never ate corned beef again.  However, the sandwich filling choices were endless:  chicken, avocado and cheese; ham, cheese and pineapple; baked beans, the list goes on.  The Toasted Sandwich maker – everyone should have one.

What about you?  What’s your favourite Toasted Sandwich filling?


One Comment on “T. Toasted Sandwich Maker”

  1. arsh says:

    Thanks for sharing this post ,,i am using this Sandwich Maker from last few months i never face any kind of problem

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