Q. Questions

The audience rustling and twittering in their excitement finally settled into silence as darkness fell over them. As one they looked expectantly at the stage.  In the silence, a woman’s face  appeared in a circle of light on the black curtain across the stage.   She looked directly into the audience and sneered:  “You didn’t think I’d let you get away, did you?”

The audience is plunged into darkness again and as one, they jump as two shrieks are heard coming from within the seated area.

A spotlight hits a woman’s face in the audience and at the same time it is  reflected on the black curtain for all to see.  She looked terrified as she mouths:  “Oh my God.  How?  How did you find us?”

Abruptly, the light moves onto a second woman in the audience and similarly her face is flashed in a spotlight on the stage curtain.  She too stares in horror, her mouth a perfectly formed O, her eyes wide.

The auditorium is again plunged into darkness and two gunshots ring out.  The audience screams, confused, not sure whether it is part of the play.  The light flashes again on the second woman, her reflection showing on stage this time alongside the dismembered head of the actor on the curtain, “How did your daughter like that?”

The audience watches the screen and see as the realisation of what those shots might mean dawns on the second woman’s face.  She turns to her left screaming “No, NO!”

Suddenly the spotlight flashes to the seat beside her.  A ventriloquist doll sits there with a head cracked like a hard boiled egg, mouth agape.

Darkness descends over the audience for the last time as the woman screams:  “Where is she?  WHAT HAVE YOU DONE WITH MY DAUGHTER?”


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