N. No

I hate shopping, can’t I just stay here?  Oh, you can come with me, it won’t take long.

Mum, can I have this toy?  Not today

Can I get a drink?  It’s nearly lunchtime, can you wait?

Can we go roller-blading after?  You just went rock climbing!

Why does she get new shoes?  Can I get new shoes?  I bought you new shoes last week remember?  You have enough.

Can I get a new toothbrush?  Not today.

Can we get this icecream?  I love this icecream.  We have ice cream at home. Put it back please.

Mum, can I just have this thing?  It’s really little and it’s just one thing and then I won’t ask anymore.  Please?  Please?

You won’t ask for anything else?  Promise? Because you’ve been asking for things non-stop since we left the house.

I promise.

Okay then.   Put it in the trolley.

Thank you Mummy.  Thank you.

Oh, magazines Mum!  I love this one.  Can I have it?


2 Comments on “N. No”

  1. jan says:

    Can I…Can I…Can I…
    Just like a kid!

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