M. Money

“Mate”, the newsagent looked at Harry.

“What?” Harry stopped biting his nails and looked up.  “What?” he repeated.

“Mate, you won.  You won the big one.  The whole lot!”  the bloke behind the counter spoke in a low voice.  Harry looked about nervously and whispered back, “What do you mean?  What big one?”

“Have you been living under a rock mate?  It’s the biggest prize in the history of the lottery in Australia.  It’s been on the box for weeks.  They’ve been looking for the winner since Monday’s draw.  That winner mate, is YOU!”

“Oh really?  Cool.  How much is it then?”

“It’s seventy six million bucks mate.  That’s how much.”

Harry stood with his mouth open.  “How much?”

“Seventy six million dollars.”

“Well fuck me.  Fuck me.  How am I gonna carry that much out?  I need a bag or something.”

“Are you all there?” the newsagent tapped his temple.  “You have to go into the office mate, in town and they’ll give you a cheque.  You collect it from the Lottery Office.”

“Yeah, yeah.  I knew that.  Just got a bit flustered.  That’s all” Harry laughed.  “Give us the ticket then mate and I’ll be off.  Oh, and keep this under your hat alright?”

The newsagent winked at Harry.  “Right you are son.  And good on ya hey?”

Harry pocketed the ticket and ran across the road to the train station.  He took five dollars out of the wallet in his back pocket and paid for his train fare.

This is my lucky day he thought.  What am I going to do with all that cash?  What can I buy?  Some new threads I guess.  These jeans are looking a bit old.  A new car!  Something cool like an old Valiant Charger, that would be sweet.  Maybe I can finally get out of Sydney and go up North like I’d always planned.  Yeah, that would be great.

Harry got off the train and started walking towards Martin Place when he caught sight of himself in a shop window.  Jeez, I’m looking a bit scruffy.  Maybe I should clean myself up a bit first before I go and get that money.  He checked how much cash he had on him and let out a low whistle.  Well, this will do for starters.

Harry treated himself to a haircut and shave and then went to Myers for new clothes.  “I want to wear these ones out”, he told a startled shop assistant.

“Well, we will have to take those electronic tags off sir.  Perhaps you could pay for them first and then put them in the change room before leaving?”

Yeah mate, good idea.  Very good idea Harry thought.  Electronic tags, which means security so there’d be security at the lottery place too wouldn’t there? I better take care of a few things.  He changed into his new clothes and stuffed his old dirty clothes into the plastic bags the shop assistant gave him.  Then he removed the lottery ticket and the rest of the cash from the wallet .  He lifted out the driver’s license and kissed the photo.

“Thank you Mr Andrew Dobbs” he said and stuffed the wallet in amongst the clothes.


2 Comments on “M. Money”

  1. MPax says:

    Charming little story. Thanks for sharing it. 🙂

  2. ExpatGab says:

    Thanks for your comment MPax. I appreciate it. I just had a look at your blog and it’s fascinating stuff. I’ll be back for more space education from you. 🙂

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