L. Lies

“Hurry up and eat your dinner Darling.”

“But Mum, I don’t like the sauce.”

“Well, just eat the chicken and carrots then.”

“But I can still taste the sauce.”

“Eat it with the rice.  You won’t taste the sauce then.”  Oh my God!  Adele thought.  That is such a mum lie.  I just made a mum lie.  How many lies do I tell in the day?

“Come one baby, if you eat one more mouthful then you can have a surprise”, (oops there’s another one, ha ha).

Adele looked at her two daughers and smiled.  They really were lovely.  Seven year old Rebecca with her long straight brown hair and lovely brown eyes just like her own.  When did she start looking so grown up?  And sweet baby Abigail, just turned one with a mop of curly blonde ringlets and bright blue eyes.  Where does she get that curly hair? everyone would ask.  Oh, I don’t know, Abigail would reply.  It must be a throw back from somewhere.  Brian of course had blue eyes but it was still a wonder to everyone that she could have two girls with different eye colours.  Don’t you think that’s funny?  They would ask.  Well, no.  Not really.

“Mum?  Could we have burgers for dinner tomorrow night?”

“Well, I suppose so, I haven’t eaten a burger in ages”  Oh, actually I had one yesterday for lunch after I dropped Abigail off at her grandmother’s so I could get my haircut.  Wow!  I’m going to turn into Pinocchio if I don’t stop. Adele smiled in spite of herself.

“Is anybody home?  Where are my three favourite girls in the whole wide world?”

“Daddy’s home!”  Rebecca yelled.

“Dada”, screamed Abigail.

“And guess who I’ve got with me?”

Rebecca looked at the tall blonde man with the piercing blue eyes standing beside Daddy, “Uncle Henry!  It’s Uncle Henry!”

Adele kissed her husband hello and watched as Uncle Henry greeted the two girls.  As he bent his curly head down to Abigail, she realised once again, that she could never stop lying.


2 Comments on “L. Lies”

  1. Claire says:

    Gab, this is brilliant.

  2. Damyanti says:

    I love the ending for this one 🙂

    And I used the same prompt for L!

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