H. Hurry Up

Whilst looking online for the definition of Hurry:  “to move or do things more quickly than normal or to make someone do this”, an advertisement was on the page to subscribe to a download to help you Reclaim Your Brain an advantage being that you can Improve your Memory and Increase Brain Performance.

You may have noticed that I am several days behind in the challenge.  I had my daughter’s birthday party last week and I was running around like a headless chook having last minute panic attacks and temper tantrums in order for a bunch of six year olds (around 30 of them) to have a good time.  I needn’t have worried nor tied myself up in knots over it.  A hay fight and musical statues was all that was needed for those little cowboys to think it was the best party ever.  I should have also booked that boy’s 12 year old big sister as the games organiser from the start.  I should have also paid her more at the end.  She was a gem.

As a consequence I fell behind in my blogs, then got a little bit tired after the party and so am running late in my entries.  I also went away for the weekend and didn’t have access to a laptop to post, etc, etc so am now trying to hurry up my posts and get back on track.  My apologies if they appear long winded (which isn’t in keeping with trying to hurry myself up) and nonsensical (I have never ever before used that word).

I know that I could probably skip a few days and just pick up on today’s letter but that is not really in the spirit of this challenge (even though I have already failed it).  There is also a slightly larger problem which the advert highlighted for me.  That is I don’t know what letter we are up to.  Yes, I have looked at a couple of other blogs to see what letter they are posting for today, but the problem is that with the time zone differences, am I looking at late Hs or early Is?  Or, should I just forget them altogether and concentrate on J so that I’m way in front?  But then I looked at another blog and someone has already posted for K so that really confused me.  Okay, I just looked again and H was so last week.

As you can see  my memory shot and my brain performance is certainly under par.  Not only that, but I don’t know where I’m going with this post or how to end it, so I’ll just stop.



One Comment on “H. Hurry Up”

  1. Damyanti says:

    Man, you have a busy life…kudos to you for making up, and I look forward to the rest of your posts!

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