G. Generous

He is very generous, he really is.  Not with money or presents, I’m not talking about that, but he is generous with his time.  Especially with me.  You might say that as my husband he should be, or he has to be, but he doesn’t really.  Certainly not to the extent that I demand it.  He is calm, I am impatient.  If it doesn’t work the minute I turn it on, I get frustrated.  I huff and puff and would very nearly blow the house down if it weren’t for his endless patience and his time.

He is busy in his job; he answers other peoples questions all day and yet he will always answer my questions too.  Sometimes it’s the minute he walks in the door, before he’s even undone his collar but always without complaint.  Often too, I will call him during the day with some inane question and he will answer it and fix it from afar never getting angry or frustrated.  His only request in return?  That I talk nicely to him even though I’m upset.  Sadly, he has to ask me more than I like to admit because I do demand his attention.  Not in a I’m your wife way, but in a petulant, youngest child, expectant way.

But I am learning.  He is teaching me about responsibility.  My responsibility, being responsible and slowly, slowly his lessons are working.  My unfounded accusations are not as frequent.  I can’t yet say I was wrong, but I’m not acting like it’s all his fault anymore.  Most times.  Sometimes.  I think.  Not all the time anyway which has to count for something right?

Time is precious and he gives his to me.

I hope I keep learning from his lessons.  I am grateful for them.


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