F. Flustered

Far out, look at that rain!  I’m going to get soaked.  Hello?  Hello?  Yes, taxi please.  Going from Sri Bukit Persekutuan to KL Sentral.  Yes, I’ll hold.  No more ice-cream girls.  No, don’t touch that please, your hands are sticky.  No.  Stop!  Get off the table.  For God’s sake, you’re a bloody monkey.  Yes!  Hello!  Oh, no taxis?  Oh, okay, thank you very much.

Okay, girls, I have to go.  Yes, I do.  I do.  Come and say goodbye.  I’m going to be late.  I have to walk now, there’s no taxis.  Bye, bye.  You be good.  Right up with Louise and have a bath.  Dad will be home soon.  Yes, bye, bye.  Bye.  Bye.

Where’s that fold up umbrella?  I can’t find it. Bugger, now I”m going to have to take a big one and have it with me all weekend.  Ugh, it’s pouring.  I’m going to have to wear platforms to try and keep the bottom of my jeans and my feet dry.  Where’s my flip flops?  There, right.  Shove them in the bag, good.  Umbrella up, here we go.  I wonder if Guna will be at the guardhouse?  If he is I’ll pay him to take me to the station.  I wonder if he would do that?  I hope this bag doesn’t get too wet on the bottom.  M will kill me.  I better make that flight now.  I should have left earlier in spite of the rain.  Guna’s car isn’t there.  I’m going to have to walk.  I wonder if I can check in at the station?  Passport!  Fuckit.  I need my pasport!  Back I go.  Hurry up, hurry up, hurry up.  Don’t slip in the rain.  Where IS my passport?  I’m sure it’s in the drawer upstairs.  Hope the kids don’t see me.  No, don’t close the door you stupid woman that’s wasting time.  Here we go, here we go.  Got it.  Okay, back downstairs, past laundry.  Quick!  Grab that plastic bag.  It’s big enough to go over the bag.  Put it on, put it on, lets go.  Will I make it?  Will I make it?  Will I make it?  It’s not raining that hard, but the puddles are huge!  Oops, the wheels nearly got stuck in the drain.  There are drains all the way along this path  Great.  Don’t wreck the bag whatever you do.  Okay, I can see the footbridge and there’s motorbike riders sitting on the steps.  I wonder if they’ll try and rob me?  No other way to go, so be brave.  Excuse me, sorry, excuse me, excuse me.  Over the bridge, down the stairs, don’t fall over!  Okay, through the tunnel, lucky it’s not dark, I’d be scare to be by myself here for sure.  Far out!  Up more stairs.  Keep going, keep going.  Right.  Cross the highway, don’t let the cars splash you.  Is that the time?  I’m not going to make it.  I’m hot.  I’ve got a sweat moustache but I don’t have a hand free to wipe it off.  How attractive.  Okay, there’s the station.  How do I get to the airport train?  Is it down here?  No!  Where?  Where?  Oh, back there.  Far out I’m wasting time!  Buy ticket.  Good.  Try and check in here.  No?  Too late?  Go to the airport.  No, I won’t miss the train, thank you.  Don’t miss the train, don’t miss the train.  Here it is, got a seat.  Good.  Now you can’t hurry the train so just try and relax.  Read your book.  Read.  Good idea.  I can’t concentrate.  I keep thinking about the time.  Now I’m having a hot flush in my panic.  Helpful.  Hurry up, hurry up, hurry up, hurry up, clickety clack, clickety clack, hurry up, hurry up, going mad, going mad, hurry up, hurry up.  There’s Cyberjaya so not long now.  What’s the time?  I’m not going to make it.  Station coming up.  Put the book away and get your passport ready.  Hurry up!  We’re nearly there.  Oh my God.  You have spent the whole journey wishing yourself here and now you’re stuffing around with bags and shit.  Now the zipper has caught the book.  Are you serious?  Don’t rip it!  Okay, push past that guy, he will be slow.  Lift or escalator?  Lift or ecalator?  Escalator.  Idiot.  It’s too slow.  You’re just standing here not moving.  Idiot.  You can’t go up four more levels on the escalator so get the lift.  Good.  Check in Gate B.  Gate B, gate B, run.  Hi!  Kota Kinabalu for 8pm.  That counter?  Hi, Kota Kinabalu for 8pm.  Can I still get on?  No?  But I just heard the boarding call.  I can make it.  Please try.  Yes I’m on this flight.  Of course my name is there.  Definitely.  Yes, see here the booking is on my phone.  See it?  My booking is 15 April?  Yes, see it is there.  My booking says 15 April, yes, that’s right and, oh.  And today is 6 April and my booking says the 15th.  So, I’m booked on the wrong flight.

But I have to get there!  What do I do, what do I do?


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