E. Exaggerate

Penny sat in the doctor’s office fuming.  Not because he was running half an hour late and she had to wait – that happened all the time.  No, she was fuming because her friend didn’t take her seriously and, in the words of Candace Flynn she was sick of it.  Sick of it!

Why did Samantha have to blow everything out of proportion when she tells a story?  Why does it always have to be at my expense?  Penny thought.  Why can’t she just tell a story and stick to the facts?  I did not cry like a baby when I fell over at netball.  I mean, I genuinely hurt my knee and it was the most pain I’d ever felt but I didn’t cry like a baby.  I was quite strong really considering the injury I’m carrying.  I mean I am wearing a knee brace for goodness sake!  No wonder I couldn’t walk off the court.

No-one else makes fun of me like Samantha, but they never tell her to stop either.  Well, I’m about to see the doctor now and then I’ll wipe that smile right off her face.

I know my wrist didn’t turn out to be broken when I slipped over at ice-skating, but a big lump came up straight away and I couldn’t move my fingers!  Of course I thought it was broken.  Sam was a bitch that day too.  And when I cut my finger and thought I needed stitches?  She would even take me to the hospital.  Lucky for her, the cut wasn’t that deep in the end.

“Penny?  The doctor will see you now.”

Outside the doctor’s surgery, Penny leaned against brick wall searching in her handbag for her mobile phone.

“Penny is that you?”  Penny froze.  It was Samantha.

“Oh Penny!  Ha ha, did you really go to the doctor for your knee?  You are SUCH a hypochondriac!  You don’t even have those stupid crutches anymore.  Oh, wait until I tell the girls about this one.  Ha ha.”

Penny reached back and brought her crutches from behind the wall.  At that moment the doctor’s surgery door opened and the receptionist poked her head out.

“Here Penny, here is your referral.  Good luck with the surgery.”

Penny stuffed the referral into her handback and adjusted her crutches under her arms.  As she went to turn from Samantha she swung her crutch at the astonished girl’s head catching her hard on her cheek.  Penny hissed as she made her way past the fallen girl, “Exaggerate this, bitch.”


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